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Introverts Retreat Box:
An Invitation for Alone Time

What’s the best way for an introvert to survive in a world filled with
small talk, networking, and happy hours? 


Alone time to retreat, of course.


Consider our book box subscriptions to be a monthly invitation to retreat from a social-everything, extroverted world and truly embrace your introverted self.

A Monthly Retreat From People, Parties & Phone Calls

Introverts Retreat Box Book Boxes & Retreat Kits

What happens when the ultimate introvert (a writer, of course!) sets out to create a subscription of book boxes? 


Introverts Retreat Box. 


For introverts there’s truly nothing better than sitting quietly with a book. Unless, of course, you also have candles, bubble bath, and – the best bit – SNACKS! 


A simple idea for book boxes quickly evolved into Introverts Retreat Box — the one monthly box with everything you need for ultimate, introverted time alone.

Shereen Jegtvig Lehman

Founder - Introverts Retreat

Because “Self-Care” Goes Over Better Than “Leave Me Alone”

Introverts Retreat Box Book Boxes & Retreat Kits

There is nothing wrong with needing time to recharge your social batteries. 


While the world tries to assure us that “you’ll have fun once you get there!” (we most certainly will not) or wonders “don’t you get bored at home?” (no, no we don’t), we’re happy creating cozy little havens that pay homage to the beauty that is introversion.


Introverts Retreat Box gives you the space to be who you are, as you are. 


Enveloped in comforting scents, with snacks in one hand and a brand new book in the other, our monthly book boxes set the perfect scene for recharging your batteries and spending some quality alone time with yourself. 


And if your extroverted friends don’t get it, just tell them it’s “self-care night”.

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Introverts, Retreat!


A monthly reminder to take some time, retreat from this world, and immerse yourself in a world far, far away from people.



A luxurious experience for the perfect night in. Just you, calming scents, a book, and delicious snacks.




You’re not the energizer bunny. You need a little somethin’-somethin’ on repeat.


Treat yourself every month alone time and solo self-care.