Alone Together

I totally love social media, don't you? I mean, it's right in an introvert's wheelhouse - you can find groups full of people who share your interests so you can skip the small talk, you can respond when you want, and you can stay snuggled up in bed in your skivvies and it doesn't matter.

I'm plenty old enough to remember the world before the internet and my very first computer was pretty much a glorified calculator that could play some kind of a Hobbit game. The internet as we know it wasn't a thing yet. No cell phones yet either, so no way to text (how did I survive the 80s?)

Anyway, conversations had to be in real time, either on the phone (no thanks) or in person (okay sometimes). It was exhausting - even talking to people I liked. I remember being in school and how much I liked to sneak off during breaks just to get into the peaceful sanctum of my car, a sweet black '88 Chevy Beretta.

When I look back at those days, I think my way of dealing with being an introvert was to ghost people who thought of me as a friend. I mean, I was still a friend in my mind, I just needed to conserve my peopling time, but since I didn't know I was an introvert I didn't have the skills to explain myself and my behavior. I lost of a friendships that way.

These days, the vast majority of my communication is online and I count many people as friends. And it's interesting that the majority are also introverts. I love it. I can type a lot and be chatty when I want or I can lurk when I want - it's a great way for an introvert to communicate.

Sometimes I hear people say how much they miss the old days and how people don't communicate anymore. Yet for me it's the opposite. These are the best days for communication.